The Newest MUST TRY Body Sculpting Program!!!

3 week client transformation

Burn fat and build muscle in only 4 weeks!!

Created by IFBB Bikini Professional Bodybuilder, NASM certified personal trainer, NHSA Nutritional Therapist and wellness entrepreneur, Savannah Crayon, this new online body sculpting program has clients all over the world transforming into the best shape of their lives!! 

Deemed "Team Sun Rays", this online fitness program has created a team based around their client's inspiring each other to become their best selves. Crayon states, "Fitness is so much more than looks, my goal is to teach others to inspire and uplift each other, and Team Sun Rays is doing just that".

The program is designed to teach clients how to eat right and exercise in a way that coincides with their lifestyles. With 3 daily workout programs to choose from and customized macro-nutrient focused nutrition and cardio programs, clients everywhere are shedding pounds and creating the bodies of their dreams. 

Coach, Savannah Crayon, customizes each client's macro-nutrient intake and communicates with them via phone and email on a regular basis. Clients submit their progress via email on a bi-weekly basis. They are educated on eating the proper portion size. Clients enjoy the lifestyle approach which eliminates dieting and constant interaction with their online coach, who reinforces their positive changes.

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Sun Hire is the premier residential and corporate wellness provider for large corporations and luxury communities. The company’s mission is to create sustainable lifestyles by bringing gym, spa and nutrition services to life through our excellence in Amenity Activation. The company’s proven management system focuses on engaging community residents and employees of corporations in wellness activities. The company was founded by Savannah Crayon, IFBB Professional Athlete, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapist and entrepreneur. Her passion for creating healthy lifestyles drives Sun Hire’s culture. 

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